Saturday, 25 June 2016


Parents & carers are invited to attend Wellington Shire's first ever Early Years EXPO on Thursday 14th July 2016.

Families with children looking to enrol in kindergarten in 2017 are encouraged to attend to find out about kindergarten enrolment.

With many local businesses on hand with a focus on the health & wellbring of children this event puts a spotlight on the first eight years of life, which is a time of enormous growth & development.

'ThingleToodle and his friend 'Professor E. Speriment' will be attending the Wellington Early Years Expo!
A well-known & much loved part of Victoria's road safety education program, will be engaging children in a 20 minute show starting at 12.30pm where they will learn some key road safety education concepts such as:
- Holding hands with an adult before crossing the road
- Stop! Look! Listen! Think! before crossing the road
- The importance of using child car seats or booster seats correctly

There will be guest speakers talking about kinder readiness & the enrolment process for UnitingCare Gippsland & Sale Combined Kindergartens at 11.00am & 1.00pm.

For more information, phone Wellington Shire Council's Community Wellbeing team on 1300 366 244.

You can also keep up to date via their Facebook page!


Our annual Open Day will be held on Tuesday 19th July 2016 from 2.30pm until 4.30pm.

Our Open Day provides prospective families with the opportunity to look around our centre, talk to staff about kindergarten readiness & find out more information about both our 3 & 4 year old kindergarten programs.

We look forward to welcoming your family into our East Sale Kindergarten community here on the RAAF Base at East Sale. See you on Tuesday 19th July!

Online application & enrolment forms are available HERE!
Shirley Fyfe

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Welcome to the start of another amazing year here at East Sale Kindergarten.

Please note that this website is used as a reference for families for find out general information about our 3 & 4 Year Old Programs as well as upcoming events pertaining to Enrolment, Open Days, Information Nights, etc.

East Sale Kindergarten is now using Storypark - an online system to share our daily early childhood program, children's individual learning & for communicating with families who are enrolled at our service.

For general up-to-date information about what's happening at East Sale Kindergarten, please find us on Facebook & add us as a friend!
Shirley Fyfe

Thursday, 4 June 2015


East Sale Kindergarten will hold its annual Open Day on Thursday 23rd July 2015 from 1pm until 4pm.

Our Open Day provides prospective new families with the opportunity to visit & take a look around our wonderful early childhood environment & learn about our 3 & 4 Year Old Early Childhood Programs.

Staff & some of our current families will be available to answer your questions & we'll be able to give you further information about enrolling your child & provide you with an application form too!

We look forward to having your family join our East Sale Kindergarten community here on the RAAF Base at East Sale. See you on Thursday 23rd July!
Shirley Fyfe

Friday, 23 May 2014


East Sale Kindergarten will hold their annual Open Day on Monday 21st July 2014 from 9am - 12 Midday

Our Open Day provides prospective new families with the opportunity to visit & take a look around our wonderfu
l learning environment & learn about our 3 & 4 Year Old Early Childhood Programs.

Staff & some of our current families will be available to answer your questions & we'll be able to give you further information about enrolling your child & having your family join our East Sale Kindergarten community here on the RAAF Base at East Sale.

We look forward to you visiting on Monday 21st July!

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any queries with regards to our Open Day or about enrolling your child at East Sale Kindergarten!
Shirley Fyfe

Monday, 12 May 2014

'FriendShip' Launches

As East Sale Kindergarten celebrates its 60th year of operation from our home here on the RAAF Base & on behalf of the staff, children & families, we welcomed a number of visitors to our centre on Thursday 8th May to celebrate the launch of the 'FriendShip':
  • Practice Leader Sue Grogan-Williams - UnitingCare Gippsland (our Cluster Manager)
  • Wing Commander Jim Svede & Chaplain Bruce Grey - East Sale RAAF Base
  • Ian Riley & Regina Regulska - Fulham Correctional Centre
  • Phil Ireland & Martin DeWys - Sale Bunnings
Special mention must also go to some others involved in this project who were not at the official launch last week:
  • Darryl Donohue - Dulux
  • Wendy Reeves - who created our flags
  • Donna Niewenhuys (Sprint Screen Printing) - who added the images to our flags
  • Col Carmody (Carmody's Tyre Service) - recycled tyre donations for our landscaping around the 'FriendShip'
The dream for a boat here at East Sale Kindergarten for children to explore their fantasies was born by Mrs. Murray. As we all know, Mrs. Murray loves her pirates & she wanted our children to have the opportunity to sail the seven seas of this world any day that they were at East Sale Kindergarten.

This dream was shared a few years ago with me & I thought it would a wonderful addition to our already fantastic outdoor play space. We endeavoured (along with numerous families) to find a second hand boat that could be refurbished & find its place in our playground - but unfortunately we were all unsuccessful.
Not giving up on the dream though, it was right in the spot where the 'FriendShip' now sits, that our idea was shared Ian Riley from the Fulham Correctional Centre & the seed was planted for the construction of the wonderful vessel that stands in our playground today!
We were able to share in the journey of the construction of the 'FriendShip' along the way & the children's excitement built with every image that was shared with us.
Nearing it's completion, it was then that we approached Bunnings here in Sale to assist with the provision of paint to bring the 'FriendShip' to life. We were delighted to hear the Dulux was onboard with our project & the paint was so very kindly donated.
Whilst we chose the colours that were already represented in our outdoor environment, the painted scheme was left solely in the hands of Ian & his crew & we are absolutely thrilled with the outstanding job that they have done. I'm sure everyone would agree too!

The 'FriendShip', once complete was ready to sail it's way into our outdoor environment & it was thanks to the RAAF Base here at East Sale for the use of a forklift & driver that saw that event take place.

Three sections of the 'FriendShip' were carefully manoeuvred into position & with the assistance of some of our kindergarten families, she was bolted together & ready for the children to explore the very next day!
Many adventures onboard the 'FriendShip' have already taken place & we are sure there will be many more to follow. With her flags hoisted, the 'FriendShip' was officially set sail by Mrs. Murray christening her in a showering of glitter (of course!) before all the children did exactly the same & came onboard for a celebration photo!


Thank-you Ian Riley & your crew at the Fulham Correctional Centre - without your inspirational ideas & hard work, this dream would never have come to fruition - the children at East Sale Kindergarten, as they sail the seven seas each day, can't thank you enough!
Shirley Fyfe

Friday, 18 October 2013

KidsMatter - Starting School

The KidsMatter website has some wonderful online resources available that families may find of use, particularly those who have children preparing to start school in 2014.

Starting school involves a big change for your child and family. It can be a time of great excitement, but also a time of potential challenge and stress. Families play an important role in supporting children to manage the transition to primary school.
Choose from a number of KidsMatter videos, various information sheets & other practical resources! You never know what you might learn! You can access all the KidsMatter resources here!
Shirley Fyfe

Monday, 14 October 2013

Nude Food Day

Nude Food Day is on October 16, 2013. It's an initiative in Australia during National Nutrition Week that encourages us all to focus on a healthy body and a healthy planet. Created by Nude Food Movers, in particular it wants us to make our lunches healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly meals by filling them with fresh food and eliminating all unnecessary wrapping. You can find out more information here!
Nude Food Day is a fantastic opportunity to teach children about how their actions can impact the environment and their health. Focussing on the positive message of ‘nude food = a healthy body + a healthy planet’, we want children at East Sale Kindergarten to be empowered to choose healthy, rubbish free food for their lunches and snacks.
Shirley Fyfe

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wild Action Zoo

Look who visited our 4 Year Old Program at East Sale Kindergarten on the last day of Term 3! Dan from Wild Action Zoo!
The children were most impressed watching Dan bring black box after black box into our Kindergarten - "What's in the boxes?", the children kept asking. "You'll have to wait & see!"
Here's just a few of the animals that we got to see!

'Bernie' the Black Headed Python

Leaf Tailed Gecko

'Freddo' the Green Tree Frog

'Sammy' the Salt Water Crocodile

'Ollie' the Olive Python
As always is the case, we got to enjoy an amazing Wild Action Zoo presentation! For those families with children in our 4 Year Old Program, stay tuned for your child to be bringing home the 'Wild Action Zoo Sharing Book' so that you can capture a glimpse of what Dan shared with us!
For those interested, you can find out more information about Wild Action Zoo here!
Shirley Fyfe

Friday, 23 August 2013

Gippsland Art Gallery

Gippsland Art Gallery will be launching their *NEW* TUESDAY ART DAY on Tuesday 22 October from 10.00am - 10.45am. 

"Free workshops for children aged 3 - 5 years. Explore the Gallery's artworks & create your own art!

Children MUST be accompanied by an adult! Bookings essential."

Contact the Gippsland Art Gallery for more information! Phone - 03 5142 3372

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Smiles 4 Miles Award

Guess who has received their SMILES 4 MILES AWARD? YES! EAST SALE KINDERGARTEN has!

"Congratulations on the great work you & your team did in promoting oral health to your students. You have shown great enthusiasm for encouraging your children to eat healthy foods, drink water & brush well"

How exciting for us!
Shirley Fyfe